About us

Dental practice dr. Muhamed Tafi is with you in Sarajevo since 2010. Now, on a new, more accessible location, in a more beautiful and comfortable ambience. With state-of-the-art equipment, we use the highest quality materials, and at the same time you have a guarantee for the provided dental service. Our team is composed of young, qualified staff who perform their tasks professionally. Every day we become part of an ever-growing circle of happy and satisfied patients who give us their trust. In one place, our patients are able to solve problems from simple dental problems, to prosthetic and complex surgical interventions without wasting their precious time.

All of our patients participate in the development of their own prosthetic work. You can present your suggestions and wishes in terms of color, size and shape of teeth and the definition of the overall aesthetic impression. For each intervention, you will receive the strongest surgical anesthesia that is applied in our dental clinic with thin atractic needles.

For our specialist team, even the most complex prosthetic work or any other intervention is not considered as a problem, but rather as a challenge.

If you want to make your smile more beautiful and healthy, visit our clinic where, after a free examination and consultation with dentists, you will receive a proposal for an individual therapeutic plan.

Make your dream smile come true.

Contact tel.: +387 61 89 33 36

Contact person: Muhamed Tafi, medical specialist